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Single Integration

What if all your integrations could be one standard integration?​

Our mission is to simplify how technical integrations are built and managed in K-20 EdTech and pass the savings on to you.

Single Integration

Integrations On-Demand​

Turn on new integrations quickly and within minutes enjoy integrations that scale with you both technically and cost-wise.

Single Integration

We're here to help!​

We offer comprehensive support for all our customers, including technical assistance, troubleshooting, and answering any questions you may have throughout the integration process.

Integrations should not be a barrier to your growth!

EdTech suppliers quickly learn that building and managing software integrations consume roadmaps, mushroom with complexity, consume time and money, and result in workarounds and “one-offs”-- it’s a problem everyone shares!

By leveraging open standards and common design patterns, SingleIntegration offers a trusted integration middleware that saves our partners headaches, time, and money.

Simple is beautiful: SingleIntegration is simple and transparent-- no new end-user experiences added! Reducing roadblocks and friction with every integration is something we love to do, resulting in bigger learning impacts for every one of our partners.


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Just getting started with integrations can be filled with uncertainty, confusion, and a lot of technical mumbo-jumbo.

We are committed to making integrations easy and simply doing the right thing. Whether you are unsure what you need to do or are ready to go, we're dedicated to getting you started on the right track - whether it's our solution or something else.



Chances are that you’re already started down the go-it-alone path of managing EdTech integrations because primary SSO options are too costly or aren’t broadly adopted.

If you are just getting started, learn how SingleIntegration is designed to meet you where you’re at right now and scale with your success.


Turn it on!

Whether you're interested in streamlining your authentication process with SSO (single sign-on) or integrating your data across platforms, we can help you get started. Let us take care of the first integration and set you on the path to a more efficient and integrated workflow.

Sit back and watch that traffic!

Ready for another one? Yes, we are too. Browse our catalog of partners - or if you don't find someone you're looking for, let us know - we'll reach out and figure out how to get them connected for you.


Our services

Why we founded SingleIntegration: We built our careers and reputations by solving sticky integration problems in K-20 education. We understand the monotony and the pain of old-school technology. We are making a difference by making software integrations easy -- efficiently, securely, and cost-effectively. With each integration, we are building trust.

Supplier-to-Supplier Integrations

Manage your all your integrations through a single standard integration, we will take care of the rest. Yes, all of them :)

Data Integrations

Simplify data syncing and cleanup across all SIS providers. Many, many of them -- seriously! Game changer right?

Academic Standards

Are you thinking... too complicated? It is. We're working hard to make that as simple as possible.

about us

We Make Standards Work At-Scale

SingleIntegration is built by the same people entrusted to upgrade educational standards across the board. This expertise is honed by input and feedback from hundreds of Edtech suppliers.

SingleIntegration uses industry standards to provide efficiency and scale:

  • Seamless Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Integrated content integrations with Platforms and LMSs
  • Secure data integrations with SISs and other platforms
  • Advanced analytics between usage, engagement and optionally aggregated across integrations
  • Secure APIs to access data
  • Digital Repository Search and Access
  • Live integration monitoring
  • Automated troubleshooting and reporting
  • Convert custom integrations to standard integrations with no additional work
  • More...

"What's Working" isn't Working Anymore

If Edtech has learned anything from the COVID crisis, it’s this: what's working isn't working anymore. It's time to stop wasting time, resources, and money. It's time to discover what SingleIntegration can do for you.

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